In private conference call, top Clinton aide says Trump is ‘tripping on himself’

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Hillary Clinton during a campaign stop in Sacramento, Calif., on June 5. (Mike Blake/Reuters)
Several staffers from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign held an invitation-only conference call with 1,000 current and former aides to President Barack Obama on Wednesday night. During the “off-the-record” conversation, Clinton’s director of states and political engagement, Marlon Marshal, discussed Republican nominee Donald Trump’s tendency to “spout off at the mouth” and its effect on the race.

“Obviously, I don’t need to tell you all Donald Trump is kind of tripping on himself right now and continues to say just things that no one running for no one should say, period. But particularly if you’re running for the office of president of the United States,” Marshall said in an apparent reference to recent remarks Trump has made that drew criticism in the media and among members of the Republican party.

Yahoo News listened to the call, which featured Marshall and other staffers discussing Clinton’s plans for the next month and her challenges with wooing young voters. At multiple points during the call, Clinton’s relentlessly cheerful staff asked the Obama alumni to use weeks of their vacation time to become what they called “Clinton closers” and volunteer for the campaign in the final months of the election.

Marshall warned that Clinton supporters “have a lot of work to do” to ensure victory even though Trump continually courts controversy.

“Those thoughts and those statements are just not worthy of the office,” Marshall said of Trump’s comments. “That being said, this election, we cannot just leave it to Donald Trump’s mouth to assume this election is all said and done.” Read more

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