Dem tensions explode in Hispanic Caucus over Trump

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Becerra opposed the move, arguing the attacks wouldn’t directly help Latino candidates get elected, as required under the bylaws of the CHC’s political action committee, known as the Bold PAC. The objection forced a rare roll call vote of the PAC members –– a vote Becerra lost 13-4 –– while highlighting fissures within the Hispanic Caucus over how best to attack Trump and exploit the divisive rhetoric and policy positions that have offended many Latinos. The dispute also led to some heated sniping between members of the usually cohesive Hispanic Caucus, with at least one Texas lawmaker suggesting Becerra’s opposition has alienated many of his colleagues and damaged any plans he has to ascend the Democratic leadership ladder. “I see no way in hell that I could support him for Democratic leadership,” Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas) said Wednesday by phone. …READ MORE

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